The Making of a Nation

Exodus 1:1-7

1. God’s Promises are Good in Spite of Impossible Circumstances

2. God’s Promises are Good in Spite of Our Impatience

3. God’s Promises are Good in Spite of the Death of Important People

4. God’s Promises are Good in Spite of Impious People

5. God’s Promises are Good in Spite of Imperfect people

His Last Words

1 Kings 2:1-10

David’s last words to Solomon

1. Remember to be a man, v. 2

2. Remember the Lord, your God, vs. 3-4

3. Remember your enemies, vs. 5-6

4. Remember your friends, v. 7 

God’s Sweepstakes

Romans 4:1-25

Paul used Abraham as example that Heaven is received by faith.

1. Abraham was saved by faith in God, vs. 1-3

2. Abraham was saved, but not by works, vs. 4-8

3. Abraham was saved, but not by religious rituals, vs. 9-15

4. Abraham was saved by exercising his faith, vs. 16-22

5. Abraham was saved by receiving righteousness, vs. 23-25


Luke 24:13-35

1. Walking With a Stranger

2. Eating With a Guest

3. Recognizing a Friend

4. Sharing a Savior


Matthew 16:15-19

1. The Church is Built on Christ, v. 18

2. The Church Belongs to Christ, v. 18

3. The Church Will Prevail, v. 18

4. The Church’s Function is to Bind and Set Free, v. 19


Isaiah 53:1-8

1. Who Has Believed Our Report?

2. To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?

3. Who Shall Declare His Generation?

A Frail Fellow Fetched by Four Fine Friends

Mark 2:1-12

1. First Friend: Witness

2. Second Friend: Prayer

3. Third Friend: Determination

4. Fourth Friend: Faith

There’s A Storm Coming!

Ezekiel 1

1. Our Ministry Must Be Focused, vs. 1-4

2. Our Ministry Must Identify with People’s Needs, vs. 5-18

3. Our Ministry Must Be Directed by God’s pirit, vs. 19-25

Friends Forever!

John 11:1-45

1. Think of Jesus as a Friend Who Loves You, vs. 5, 11

2. Think of Jesus as a Friend in Time of Need, v. 11

3. Think of Jesus as a Friend Forever, vs. 25-26

Jesus, Our Best Friend

John 15:13-16; Matthew 28:19-20

1. Our Friend Loves Us, vs. 12-13

a. God made us to be his friends

b. God came as Jesus to be our best friend

2. Our Friend Shares with Us, v. 15-16

a. God shared his plan in the Bible

b. Baptism demonstrates God’s plan

3. Our Friend Asks Something of Us, v. 14, 17; Matthew 28:19-20

a. Love everyone; make disciples, baptize, teach

b. This will prove our friendship with God

Recycle a Friend

Luke 19:1-10

1. Be Aware of Individuals

2. Be Attentive to Their Needs

3. Be Anxious to Take Them to Jesus

4. Be Available to Be a Friend

5. Be Affirmative of Their Change

God’s Friend

Genesis 5:21-24

 The use of “Friend” through the Bible

 1. When Did Enoch Begin to Walk with God? 

2.  How  Did Enoch Walk with God? 

3.  Where Did Enoch’s Walk Take Him?

The Prophet’s Perspective

2 Kings 6:8-17

1. The Servant’s Sight

2. The Prophet’s Perspective


Titus 2:11-13

1. The Glory is a Process

2. The Glory is a Place

3. The Glory is a Person

The Mystery of Melchizedek

Genesis 14:18; Psalm 110:4; Hebrews 5-7

1. Who he was

2. What he did

The Overcomers

Revelation 12

Commentary on chapter 12

Four Questions to Ask:

1. Who May Overcome? 

2. What Are the Overcomer’s Blessings? 

3. What Are We to Overcome? 

4. How Do We Overcome?

Have You Claimed the Victory?



Psalm 33:10-22

I.   Our Attacks, vs. 10-15

1. Past Enemies

2. National Enemies

3. Human enemies

4. Supernatural Enemies

a. Demonic

b. Meteorological

II.  Our Defense, vs. 16-19

III. Our Hope, vs. 20-22



Ephesians 5:25-6:4

1. Sacrificial Love, v. 25

2. Purifying Love, vs. 26-27

3. Caring Love, vs. 28-30

4. Unbreakable Love, vs. 31-33

5. Parental Love, 6:1-4



Genesis 3:6-10

People try to hide from God:

1. In a Forest of Failure to Repent

2. In a Forest of Church Activities

3. In a Forest of Human Relations

4. In a Forest of Spiritual Realities



Genesis 22:1-14

Sermon preached June 11, 2017

I. The First Peak

Abraham and Issac on Mt. Moriah

II. The Second Peak

God and Jesus on Calvary



Sermon preached June 4,2017

John 13:3-17 teaches 3 levels of happiness

I. Happiness is Having the Bath

Salvation is like a spiritual bath

II. Happiness is Having Your Feet Rinsed Off

Rededication is necessary for fellowship

III. Happiness is Leading Others to the Fountain

Soul-winning is our greatest level of happiness